Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Handbags - Yes or No - Big or Small

So .... every girls decision, every day, work or play ..... do I need my handbag - yes or no - or shall I just take my purse, mobile phone, emergency make up, house keys, car keys and stuff them in my jacket pockets or give in and take a handbag. 
Not that easy though, because if I take a handbag, big or small - small will take the essentials, big will cope with the 'other' essentials, which in my case are spare dog lead, dog biscuits, poo bags (sorry), mini umbrella, hair brush, small hairspray, tissues ..... it's just not easy. 
Then, of course, the other problem facing us is .... stick with the day-to-day handbag, normally referred to as the suitcase in my house, or go for something different.  Suitcase is easy, just grab it and go, fully equipped with all the essentials and so much more - but 'more' I may not need if we're just going out for a social. 
Something different sends the mind racing again - clutch, shoulder strap, over the body strap, handle, colour, material, leather and ...... big or small ....... or shall I just take my purse, mobile phone, emergency make up ........ !


  1. My daughter has over 50 bags and pretty much half of them I see as 'suitcase' type. How she even carries them around I do not know - I keep telling her - 'recipe for a bad back and neck in years to come' - but she is young, beautiful and healthy - mark my words young lady! Been there, done it, got the bag.

  2. I have a satchel type bag at the moment as I have to carry various nappies, wipes, bottles etc. I long for the day when I can travel light again!

  3. No idea how many bags I have, not as many as I like. Keep saying I'll make myself another one but never seem to get round to it