Thursday, 14 July 2011

No One Admits It ........

Whether it's you, your partner, maybe the children or even visitors to your home - no one admits it ....... that they have smelly feet, but let's be honest - we all know someone who dreads removing their shoes or boots at your house.  You know the aroma - as you pass the shoes by the front door or maybe you have got to the stage of leaving them outside ........ always makes me smile when I drive pass a house and see a pair of trainers on the doorstep ......... we all know why they are there and its not because they've got mud on them !  I could help with my shoe scenters - perfect, filled with lavendar, place them in shoes/boots as soon as you take them off and voila - no more smelly smells xxx

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sweets, I remember ...

I have a confession - I've now reached that age when I can remember things the way they used to be - when Snickers were Marathons, Starbursts were Opal Fruits.  Do you remember when you could pop into your local newsagent with your 10p and come out with a huge brown bag bulging with sweets - 1p brought you two gobstoppers, 2p brought you two blackjacks and two fruit salads, liquoric strips and string, parma violets, flying saucers and refreshers.  Then there were shrimps and white mice, fangs and teeth, milk bottles and love hearts and the best of all space dust and popping candy.  I know, I'm way ahead of you ..... I'm getting old ... sigh, sigh

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Yellow, Orange, Red, Black, Blue ........

Amazing Colours

So many wonderful colours in this wooden bead bracelet -
it will go perfectly with all your outfits - spring, summer, autumn
and winter - thank you for looking - Karen xx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Our Mums

Drama and tears descended on the house when .... the washing machine stopped working ... and I was left with no machine for 24 hours !  It was if the world had stopped, time stood still, as I stood dumbstruck in the middle of the kitchen struggling with the concept of life with no washing machine.

But then it made me think - how on earth did our Mums cope.  My own Mum did not get a washing machine or a tumble dryer until we had all left home ..... so how did she manage ?  I definitely do not remember ducking under lines of washing hanging throughout the house, weaving through dryers laden with clothes and linen.  The radiators in the house did not sack under the weight of socks and t-shirts - so how did she do it. 

I have come to the conclusion that it is the miracle of Mums - those wonderful ladies, who we never truly appreciate until we become Mums ourselves and then look back and think - how we never noticed all the work she did for us - we just took for granted our clean clothes, the home-baked cakes, the days out and her endless time just for us xxx

Great for Summer Jeans

These lovely earrings will look perfect with your summer jeans for that casual evening outfit or how about matching them with a summer dress - thank you for looking xx

Monday, 27 June 2011

Perfect for Summer Outfits

I Love The Summer

If you live in the South of England – you will have had the same amazing Sunday as I did – Summer most definitely arrived, not a cloud in the sky – perfect.

It made me think though, don’t we all just feel so much happier when the sun is shining.  Obviously, the downside is you notice all the dust and cobwebs in your house, which had remained nicely camouflaged in the grey light of wintry, raining days – but I’ve perfected the knack of ignoring the little voice in my head,  saying ‘…housework to be done… …housework to be done….’  Instead it’s summer clothes on, repaint the toenails, flip flops on, shades at the ready, husband on barbecue duty and chill the beers and wine. 

Okay, who am I kidding – it’s more like, ‘I should have lost that extra weight', 'panic nothing fits', 'too many wobbly bits’, ‘look at the state of my legs’, ‘oh no, husband is going to turn into MasterChef of the Year ….’

But, we love it – even when we sit out until it’s almost dark – being dive bombed by every passing mosquito – and then tearing the bathroom cupboard apart – because ‘I know there’s bite cream in here somewhere, please ….’

No truly, long may the long hot sunny days of Summer continue - despite the heat rash, hayfever, prickly heat, panda eyes ..... no, I'm only kidding ......... I LOVE THE SUMMER xxx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Perfect for your Handbag xx

Handbags - Yes or No - Big or Small

So .... every girls decision, every day, work or play ..... do I need my handbag - yes or no - or shall I just take my purse, mobile phone, emergency make up, house keys, car keys and stuff them in my jacket pockets or give in and take a handbag. 
Not that easy though, because if I take a handbag, big or small - small will take the essentials, big will cope with the 'other' essentials, which in my case are spare dog lead, dog biscuits, poo bags (sorry), mini umbrella, hair brush, small hairspray, tissues ..... it's just not easy. 
Then, of course, the other problem facing us is .... stick with the day-to-day handbag, normally referred to as the suitcase in my house, or go for something different.  Suitcase is easy, just grab it and go, fully equipped with all the essentials and so much more - but 'more' I may not need if we're just going out for a social. 
Something different sends the mind racing again - clutch, shoulder strap, over the body strap, handle, colour, material, leather and ...... big or small ....... or shall I just take my purse, mobile phone, emergency make up ........ !