Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sweets, I remember ...

I have a confession - I've now reached that age when I can remember things the way they used to be - when Snickers were Marathons, Starbursts were Opal Fruits.  Do you remember when you could pop into your local newsagent with your 10p and come out with a huge brown bag bulging with sweets - 1p brought you two gobstoppers, 2p brought you two blackjacks and two fruit salads, liquoric strips and string, parma violets, flying saucers and refreshers.  Then there were shrimps and white mice, fangs and teeth, milk bottles and love hearts and the best of all space dust and popping candy.  I know, I'm way ahead of you ..... I'm getting old ... sigh, sigh


  1. haha I remember when starburst used to be opal fruits! I think I actually prefered that name to be honest. I remember when I used to go and stay with my nan and she'd give me 30p for a bag of mixed sweets! and remember when penny sweets WERE actually a penny?!

  2. Oh dear! I am really old. I remember buying fruit salads and blackjacks at 4 a penny (1d - old money).
    Polly, Pud Bears